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If you avail this option by paying an additional premium to Us, We will pay you the Sum Insured as mentioned in your Policy Schedule, in case you are diagnosed as suffering from the covered Critical Illnesses or undergoing covered Surgical Procedures for the first time in Your life. 

Provided that,

  • We will not make any payment if you are diagnosed as suffering from Critical Illness within 90 days of taking the Policy 
  • No claim under this option shall be admissible if the Critical Illness or the Surgical Procedure is a consequence of or arising out of any  pre-existing conditions/ diseases.  
  • Cover under this Policy shall cease upon payment of the compensation on the happening of a Critical Illness and/ or Surgical Procedure and no further payment will be made for any consequent disease or any dependent diseases 

If You avail this option by paying an additional premium to Us, a daily cash amount will be payable per day if You receive treatment as an In-patient for an eligible medical condition. 

Provided that,

  • We have accepted a claim under Inpatient Treatment Benefit  
  • You are hospitalized for more than 3 days. 
  • Our maximum liability shall be restricted to the amount mentioned in the Summary of Benefits, and  
  • This benefit shall not apply to time spent by You in an Intensive Care Unit.  

Accidental Death: A lump sum amount for death resulting from Accidental Bodily Injury within 12 months from date of Accident.

Accidental Permanent Total Disablement : A lump sum amount will be paid for below mentioned permanent total disability conditions resulting from an Accident within 12 months from date of Accident

  • Loss of sight of both eyes; or
  • Actual loss by Physical Separation of both hands or both feet or one entire hand and one entire foot; or
  • Loss of use of both hands or both feet or of one hand and one foot without Physical Separation, Provided that, such disablement shall as a direct consequence thereof permanently disable the Insured person from resuming his normal occupation or engaging in similar gainful employment.

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